Kindle Text Optimizer for Persian eBooks.
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Kindle Text Optimizer for Persian eBooks.

This project is [deprecated] and it won't maintained anymore. I created a new Calibre plugin which cales KiPEO. It's much easier to use. You can find it here:

Build status

What is KTOP? What does it do?

KTOP is a tool for making Persian eBooks ( EPUBs for now ) compatible to E-Readers such as Kindle. By releasing KF8 by Amazon, Kindle devices are be able to display right-to-left Persian and Arabic books. Unfortunately the default font of Kindle is not really good and it has also several drawbacks.

Default Font:

Default Font

Books can be published with embedded fonts but Amazon Kindle won't display Persian and Arabic eBooks properly with embedded fonts and It will display characters separated.

separated letters

By using KTOP you can optimize your eBooks to display properly and nicely on Kindle e-Ink devices.

Optimized version:

separated letters

Sample outputs

Default font Custom font Optimized by KTOP - Custom font
Default font Custom font Optimized font

How to use

KTOP has a command line interface at the moment which is really easy to use.


Option Description
--persian Optimize the book for Kindle, Replace all Arabic characters
--arabic Optimize the book for Arabic books


KTOP.CLI.exe "d:/my-books/programming/csharp.epub"

Linux and Mac:
./KTOP.CLI "./csharp.epub"


Operating System Binary Release Size (MB) Type
Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 KTOP.1.5.1b.exe 14.8 Setup Installer
Debian 8 KTOP.1.5.1b-debian8-x64.tar.gz 18.7 tar.gz archive
Ubuntu 14.04 KTOP.1.5.1b-ubuntu.14.04-x64.tar.gz 18.6 tar.gz archive
Ubuntu 16.04 KTOP.1.5.1b-ubuntu.16.04-x64.tar.gz 18.6 tar.gz archive
Mac OSX 10.10 18.1 zip archive
ArchLinux AUR Package N/A AUR Package


KTOP is written in Microsoft C# and .NET Core and it can be run on Linux, Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows. It is published as a self-contained application and it must not need any requirements on your computer.

It is recommended to download the proper binary for your OS, if any errors happened at the running try to install .NET Core on your computer.

Windows: Download and install .NET Core

Linux: Depend on what distro you are using you need to install .NET Core runtime.

  1. .NET Core Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 & Linux Mint 17
  2. .NET Core Debian 8
  3. .NET Core Fedora 23
  4. .NET Core CentOS 7.1 & Oracle Linux 7.1
  5. .NET Core openSUSE 13.2

Mac OS X: .NET Core For Mac OS X 10.11

Build and run the source code


  1. Support azw3 and mobi formats.
  2. Graphical User Interface rather than CLI
  3. Compatibility with Mono or .NET Core ( be able to run on Linux or Mac ) It's now cross-platform.
  4. Create repo-package for other Operating Systems.