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Books & Talks

A list of material output.


September 2009, O’Reilly MediaProgramming Scala, 1st Edition.
With Dean Wampler.

I currently have the beginnings of a second book project. Work is my top priority, so I don’t know when this new book will be complete.

Upcoming Talks & Conferences

  • September 2012, St LouisEmerging Languages 2012
    Organizing the third year of this showcase for emerging programming languages. Now associated with Strange Loop, an annual conference that brings together the applied computer science community.

Previous Talks & Conferences

  • October 2011, PortlandOnward! 2011
    Member of the program committee for this conference on the “multidisciplinarity of software development”.
  • July 2011, PortlandEmerging Languages 2011
    This time around, Emerging Languages operated as an official track at OSCON, which I chaired.
  • July 2010, PortlandEmerging Languages Camp 2010
    Organized the first annual gathering of programming language innovators with a focus on relatively new languages and techniques.
  • February 2009, San FranciscoThe Twitter API
    A presentation to Adobe Systems employees.
  • August 2008, ChicagoWhy Scala?
    A presentation to the C4 independent Mac developer conference.
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