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* repo stats/info/maintenance page
* deleting pages
* pushing repo from web interface
* tagging
* file attachments
* inter-branch links
* merge conflict resolution
* git-less version (read-only)
* track which branched from which
* push?
* cherry-picked branches (read-tree/write-tree)
* users (email/name/ip - use for commits)
* backlinks (trivial syntax, ideally)
* outliner functionality
* menubar item launcher (like Instiki back in the day)
* RubyCocoa GUI
* working launchd plist
* in-place editing
* fix duplication of routes/methods to accommodate file extensions
* "append selected text/link to page" bookmarklet (shamelessly cribbed
from Trsly/Instapaper)
* allow "code pages" by supporting file extensions, applying syntax
highlighting (removed March 14 2008 by al3x, may add back in)
* next/previous commit links on pages
* pretty stylesheet
* Shoes GUI: Shoes is still pretty immature, ex: all paths are relative
to the `shoes` binary making requires a pain, etc.
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