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An example of a simple static blog generator in Scala.
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Simple Scala Blog

A lightweight blogging system, designed to transmute a directory of Textile files into an equivalent directory of HTML files with a minimum of fuss.


Writing a custom blogging system is a wholly unnecessary act. This system was written so the author could muck about with Scala. Though there’s some basic attempt at providing a configuration mechanism, templates and logic are currently too intertwined. Improving this is an exercise for the reader/forker.

You’re encouraged to borrow chunks of code you fancy. The good parts are mostly the use of XML literals. You might find the FileHelpers trait handy, as it provides easy-to-use methods for stuff that should really be in or similar.


  • Scala (tested with 2.7.2 final)
  • GNU Make
  • JTextile (included, but is kind of wonky)
  • GNU RegExp for Java (included)


Licensed under the Apache Public License, Version 2.

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