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This is a fork of SafeSysUpdater which supports 2.1.0 downgrading, 9.2.0 downgrading, GPU based memchunkhax2 for stability increases + <=10.7 support, and fixes some of the outstanding issues of the original SafeSysUpdater.

PlaiSysUpdater Changes :

  • v02: Updated svchax to support all versions
  • v01: Added 2.1.0 support, fixed 9.2.0J title mismatch, and merged pull request 13

SafeSysUpdater Changes

  • v09: add downgrade logs ("/SafeSys.log")
  • v08: fix JPN files path..
  • v07: finally fixed the input freeze... by removing this second confirmation screen.
  • v06: try to fix input freeze... again
  • v05: minor input fix
  • v04: added japan support (with bad title skipping)
  • v03: big improvement in hax success rate
  • v02: Add simulation mode to check your update files without actually downgrading
  • v01: Removed the config files, just put the ".3dsx" file somewhere and downgrade... and pray.
  • v01: Added a CIA version to downgrade from emunand so you don't need to try hard to get the hax to succeed (so it's just for testing/reporting bugs). Testing this will ensure the MD5 for each regions/models (only o3DS/n3DS USA/EUR for now) and downgrade process is correct/working. Thanks for reports !


  • Cpasjuste for SafeSysUpdater
  • derrek for the initial memchunkhax2 flaw discovery
  • Steveice10 and all people who worked on memchunkhax2
  • TuxSH for the downgrade code (memchunkhax2 implementation)
  • This app was totally rewritted,but thank profi200 for the original app