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al7::controls Library

Welcome, dear GitHuber! Thanks for checking out this repo. I originally wrote this library a few years back, when I was starting to write iOS applications. It includes a variety of utilities and some custom controls.

The sample project included here is a launchpad that lets you navigate through examples of the custom controls, and see them in action. I decided to publish it here, as some of you my find it useful.

Here is a quick sample of some stuff you will find here:


The library includes some neat utility classes and categories that save a ton of time, especially when you code your UI. To use the utilities, simply import the ALUtilities.h header file.

Here are some of the most common uses:

Color Utilities:

 // Get an RGB value color:
 UIColor *myColor = [UIColor rgbColorWithRed:0 green:51 blue:153 alpha:1.0];

Layout Utilites:

 UIView *testView = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0.0, 0.0, 50.0, 50.0)];
 // Move view:
 [testView moveToPosition:CGPointMake(50.0, 50.0)];

 // Move with animation:
 [testView moveToPosition:CGPointMake(50.0, 50.0) animated:YES duration:3.0];

 // Calculate a view's maximum bounds:
 CGRect maximumBounds = [testView getMaximumBounds];

 // Aligning and distributing views;
 [ALLayoutUtilities spaceSubviewsEvenlyIn:testView withDistance:5.0];
 [ALLayoutUtilities alignSubviewsLeftIn:testView];
 [ALLayoutUtilities alignSubviewsCenterIn:testView];

 // Animation:
 [ALLayoutUtilities bounceView:testView];

String Utilities:

 // Get special characters: ©, ¨, ª, ¹: 
 [NSString registeredMark];
 [NSString trademark];
 [NSString copyright];
 [NSString pi];

Image utilities:

 // Draw gradient rectangle image:
 UIImage *gradientImage = [ALImageUtilities getGradientRectangleImageWithSize:CGSizeMake(50.0, 50.0) startColor:[UIColor whiteColor] endColor:[UIColor blackColor]];

To find out more, feel free to check the header files and provided sample code.

Have fun!