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v0.5.9: 2011.10.10, Version 0.5.9 (unstable)

@ry ry tagged this Oct 11, 2011 · 1359 commits to master since this tag

* interface backed by kqueue, inotify, and ReadDirectoryChangesW
  (Igor Zinkovsky, Ben Noordhuis)

* add dns.resolveTxt (Christian Tellnes)

* Remove legacy http library (Ben Noordhuis)

* child_process.fork returns and works on Windows. Allows passing handles.
  (Igor Zinkovsky, Bert Belder)

* #1774 Lint and clean up for --harmony_block_scoping (Tyler Larson, Colton

* #1813 Fix ctrl+c on Windows (Bert Belder)

* #1844 unbreak --use-legacy (Ben Noordhuis)

* process.stderr now goes through libuv. Both process.stdout and
  process.stderr are blocking when referencing a TTY.

* net_uv performance improvements (Ben Noordhuis, Bert Belder)


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