v0.6.0: 2011.11.04, Version 0.6.0 (stable)

@ry ry tagged this Nov 5, 2011 · 1093 commits to master since this tag

* print undefined on undefined values in REPL (Nathan Rajlich)

* doc improvements (koichik, seebees, bnoordhuis,
  Maciej Małecki, Jacob Kragh)

* support native addon loading in windows (Bert Belder)

* rename getNetworkInterfaces() to networkInterfaces() (bnoordhuis)

* add pending accepts knob for windows (igorzi)

* http.request(url.parse(x)) (seebees)

* #1929 zlib Respond to 'resume' events properly (isaacs)

* stream.pipe: Remove resume and pause events

* test fixes for windows (igorzi)

* build system improvements (bnoordhuis)

* #1936 tls: does not emit 'end' from EncryptedStream (koichik)

* #758 tls: add address(), remoteAddress/remotePort

* #1399 http: emit Error object after .abort() (bnoordhuis)

* #1999 fs: make mkdir() default to 0777 permissions (bnoordhuis)

* #2001 fix pipe error codes

* #2002 Socket.write should reset timeout timer

* stdout and stderr are blocking when associated with file too.

* remote debugger support on windows (Bert Belder)

* convenience methods for zlib (Matt Robenolt)

* process.kill support on windows (igorzi)

* process.uptime() support on windows (igorzi)

* Return IPv4 addresses before IPv6 addresses from getaddrinfo

* util.inspect improvements (Nathan Rajlich)

* cluster module api changes

* Downgrade V8 to