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v0.6.2: 2011.11.18, Version 0.6.2 (stable)

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis tagged this · 1015 commits to master since this tag

 * doc improvements (Artur Adib, Trevor Burnham, Ryan Emery, Trent Mick)

 * timers: remember extra setTimeout() arguments when timeout==0

 * punycode: use Mathias Bynens's punycode library, it's more compliant

 * repl: improved tab completion (Ryan Emery)

 * buffer: fix range checks in .writeInt() functions (Lukasz Walukiewicz)

 * tls: make cipher list configurable

 * addons: make Buffer and ObjectWrap visible to Windows add-ons (Bert Belder)

 * crypto: add PKCS#1 a.k.a RSA public key verification support

 * windows: fix stdout writes when redirected to nul

 * sunos: fix build on Solaris and Illumos

 * Upgrade V8 to


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