v0.6.3: 2011.11.25, Version 0.6.3 (stable)

tagged Nov 25, 2011 · 979 commits to master since this tag

* #2083 Land NPM in Node. It is included in packages/installers and installed
  on `make install`.

* #2076 Add logos to windows installer.

* #1711 Correctly handle http requests without headers. (Ben Noordhuis,
  Felix Geisendörfer)

* TLS: expose more openssl SSL context options and constants. (Ben Noordhuis)

* #2177 Windows: don't kill UDP socket when a packet fails to reach its
  destination. (Bert Belder)

* Windows: support paths longer than 260 characters. (Igor Zinkovsky)

* Windows: correctly resolve drive-relative paths. (Bert Belder)

* #2166 Don't leave file descriptor open after lchmod. (Isaac Schlueter)

* #2084 Add OS X .pkg build script to make file.

* #2160 Documentation improvements. (Ben Noordhuis)