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Finds songs that you have listened more than 3 times from and pipes a new line delimited JSON stream of categorized by album
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This is nodejs module or script that gets songs of a user from that have been listened more than 3 times and outputs them categorized by album.

How to get

git clone git://
cd song-finder
npm install

How to use

Just execute it with node, or use it from a module.

In terminal

When first time running it asks for username and api, and saves it to a local config.json file. It pipes each album as a JSON object, each delimited by a new line character.

node find.js

or in node

Just give it an object having username and api and it returns you a full featured readable stream of album javascript objects.

var songFiner = require('song-finder');

    username : 'AwesomeGuy',
    api : '123123sdnkfjdnslolz234this343is23my2api'
    .on('error', function (e) {
           throw e;

Each album object contains the following properties.

  • name String
  • artist String
  • tracks Array<String>

Note that this module uses sugar module and it extends Object prototypes(in a cool way, completely compatible, no worries). If you require it, you project Object prototypes will be extended. If you think its not cool, tell me I change it(probably will use lodash instead, but only if there's a demand for it.)

Same thing will go to the fact that's been written with coffee script. I can change it to js, if there's a demand.


Why streams and all the http abuse?

Becuase I don't wanna run out of memory coz some kid listened to a lot of songs! Streams are cool and fast(somtimes). And I wanted to play with some of @dominictarr awesome modules.

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