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refer to Racket instead of PLT-Scheme

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@@ -63,24 +63,24 @@ Windows:
-1. Install MzScheme v4; either with DrScheme or alone.
+1. Install Racket
-2. Install Waxeye's backend for PLT Scheme.
+2. Install Waxeye's backend for Scheme.
Unix, OSX:
- sudo ln -s /usr/local/waxeye/src/scheme/waxeye /usr/local/plt/lib/plt/collects/
+ sudo ln -s /usr/local/waxeye/src/scheme/waxeye /usr/local/racket/lib/racket/collects/
- Copy the directory 'src/scheme/waxeye' into your PLT-Scheme 'collects'
- directory. For example, that might be 'C:\Program Files\PLT\collects'.
+ Copy the directory 'src/scheme/waxeye' into your Racket 'collects'
+ directory. For example, 'C:\Program Files\Racket\collects'.
3. Build Waxeye
Unix, OSX:
- - If your PLT-Scheme installation isn't 'C:\Program Files\PLT' then you will
+ - If your Racket installation isn't 'C:\Program Files\Racket', then you will
need to modify 'build\exe.bat' to use the correct path.
- From your Waxeye installation directory, run the 'build\exe.bat' script in a
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-C:\"Program Files\PLT\mzc.exe" --exe waxeye src\waxeye\waxeye.scm
+C:\"Program Files\Racket\mzc.exe" --exe waxeye src\waxeye\waxeye.scm
MOVE waxeye.exe tmp\waxeye.exe
-C:\"Program Files\PLT\mzc.exe" --exe-dir . tmp\waxeye.exe
+C:\"Program Files\Racket\mzc.exe" --exe-dir . tmp\waxeye.exe
RMDIR /S tmp
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@[Git] version control system.
=== Requirements ===
There are no external dependencies needed to run a pre-built version of Waxeye.
-If you build from source, you'll need[MzScheme].
+If you build from source, you'll need[Racket].
To use a generated parser, you need a supported programming language to run it
@@ -903,18 +903,15 @@ ruby example.rb
=== Using Waxeye from Scheme ===
-Waxeye's Scheme runtime is compatible with v372 and v4 of PLT-Scheme's
-[MzScheme]. You will need to have MzScheme
-installed to use it; either by itself or with DrScheme.
+Waxeye's Scheme runtime is compatible with[Racket].
==== Install ====
-Install the waxeye collection in your preferred place where MzScheme can find
+Install the waxeye collection where Racket can find it.
# Install the Waxeye collection; change to your install paths as needed
-sudo ln -s /usr/local/waxeye/src/scheme/waxeye /usr/local/plt/lib/plt/collects/
+sudo ln -s /usr/local/waxeye/src/scheme/waxeye /usr/local/racket/lib/racket/collects/
==== Generate Parser ====
@@ -944,16 +941,10 @@ mzscheme
-==== Run from v372 ====
+==== Run from Racket ====
-mzscheme -mv -t example.scm
-==== Run from v4 ====
-mzscheme -t example.scm
+racket -t example.scm

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