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Geocoder is a library which helps you build geo-aware applications. It provides an abstraction layer for geocoding manipulations.

The library is splitted in two parts: HttpAdapter and Provider:

HttpAdapters are responsible to get data from remote APIs. Currently, there is one adapter for Buzz, a lightweight PHP 5.3 library for issuing HTTP requests.

Providers contain the logic to extract useful information. Currently, there are three providers for the following APIs:


If you don't use a ClassLoader in your application, just require the provided autoloader:


require_once 'src/autoload.php';

You're done.


First, you need an adapter:


$adapter  = new \Geocoder\HttpAdapter\BuzzHttpAdapter();

The BuzzHttpAdapter is tweakable, actually you can pass a Browser object to this adapter:


$buzz    = new \Buzz\Browser(new \Buzz\Client\Curl());
$adapter = new \Geocoder\HttpAdapter\BuzzHttpAdapter($buzz);

Now, you have to choose a provider.

The YahooProvider is able to geocode both IP addresses and street addresses. The IpInfoDbProvider and HostIpProvider are able to geocode IP addresses only.

You can use one of them or write your own provider. You can also register all providers and decide later. That's we'll do:


$geocoder = new \Geocoder\Geocoder();
    new \Geocoder\Provider\YahooProvider(
        $adapter, '<YAHOO_API_KEY>', $locale
    new \Geocoder\Provider\IpInfoDbProvider(
        $adapter, '<IPINFODB_API_KEY>'
    new \Geocoder\Provider\HostIpProvider($adapter)

The $locale parameter is available and optional for the YahooProvider.

Everything is ok, enjoy!


The main method is called geocode() which receives a value to geocode. It can be an IP address or a street address (partial or not).


// Result is:
// "latitude"    => string(9) "47.901428"
// "longitude"  => string(8) "1.904960"
// "city"       => string(7) "Orleans"
// "zipcode"    => string(0) ""
// "region"     => string(6) "Centre"
// "country"    => string(6) "France"

$geocoder->geocode('10 rue Gambetta, Paris, France');
// Result is:
// "latitude"   => string(9) "48.863217"
// "longitude"  => string(8) "2.388821"
// "city"       => string(5) "Paris"
// "zipcode"    => string(5) "75020"
// "region"     => string(14) "Ile-de-France"
// "country"    => string(6) "France"

Once you've called this method, the geocoder contains information that you can query with the following getters:

  • getCoordinates() will return an array with latitude and longitude values;
  • getLatitude() will return the latitude value;
  • getLongitude() will return the longitude value;
  • getCity() will return the city;
  • getZipcode() will return the zipcode;
  • getRegion() will return the region;
  • getCountry() will return te country.

The Geocoder's API is fluent, you can write:


    ->registerProvider(new \My\Provider\Custom($adapter))

The using() method allows you to choose the adapter to use. When you deal with multiple adapters, you may want to choose one of them. The default behavior is to use the first one but it can be annoying.

Reverse Geocoding

This library provides a reverse() method to retrieve information from coordinates:

$geocoder->reverse($latitude, $longitude);

Note: the IpInfoDbProvider doesn't provide this feature.

Extending Things

You can provide your own adapter, you just need to create a new class which implements HttpAdapterInterface.

You can also write your own provider by implementing the ProviderInterface. Note, the AbstractProvider class can help you by providing useful features.

Unit Tests

To run unit tests, you'll need two dependencies:

git clone git:// vendor/Buzz
git clone git:// vendor/Symfony/Component/ClassLoader

Once installed, just launch the following command:



  • William Durand


Geocoder is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.