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Patch from Slawek Zak

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1 parent 22a45b7 commit dd95031c41ee41250d898941d6359ac7465e398c Edi Weitz committed Mar 26, 2009
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@@ -174,16 +174,19 @@ can use EQL specializers on the first argument."
"Transforms an HTML tree into an intermediate format - mainly a
flattened list of strings. Utility function used by TREE-TO-COMMANDS-AUX."
(loop for element in tree
- when (or (keywordp element)
+ if (or (keywordp element)
(and (listp element)
(keywordp (first element)))
(and (listp element)
(listp (first element))
(keywordp (first (first element)))))
;; the syntax for a tag - process it
nconc (process-tag element #'tree-to-template)
+ ;; list - insert as sexp
+ else if (consp element)
+ collect `(let ((*indent* ,*indent*)) ,element)
+ ;; something else - insert verbatim
- ;; something else - insert verbatim
collect element))
(defun string-list-to-string (string-list)

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