Holds a collection of my scripts that makes parts of my life easier
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These are scripts that makes my life easier

enable-ssh : a script that creates an ssh key if a one is not there, then scp that key to the server.
rm2mp3: a script that I use to convert rm files to mp3 or ogg, actually it can be used to convert any format readable by mplayer, it uses lame for mp3, and vorbis-tools for ogg.
rmvb2avi: a script that I use to convert rmvb files to avi.
checkIPV6: A script to make sure that my IPv6 Tunnel is always on. more @ http://blog.alaa-ibrahim.com/ipv6-tunnel-is-always-on/
checkGW: A script to change my default gateway, when the current one fails.
checkPTS: A script to check if someone logged into the machine and removed his entry from /var/run/utmp
IMAP/appendMessage: a script that I use to append a message to an IMAP mailbox.
IMAP/countInbox: a script to count the number of messages in an IMAP mailbox.