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Matrix Pepco file generation

This project is designed to help Matrix Energy Services produce their WTEA reports at a higher and more productive speed.

-Cleaner WTEA Report
-Auto-Capitalize Indoor Lighting Page
-Update macro to add in WTEA Date to LIA

-Floor same as above logic
-Ceiling height and sensors now make it to work order again
-notes make it to wtea data collection
-Application filled out correctly.

-Work order formula for 4 lamp low ballasts fixed
-Lighting color now sent from iPad
-CSV parent removed for walk-incooler
-R1 sum tab auto-completes Not Applicable
-Business Description on iPad
-Floor specific to indoor lighting added
-model numbers updated
-Macro moves tabs instead of hides them now.

-New WTEA Report version
-New iPad version Matrix Form 2.5 is out
-Exported.CSV macro updated to work with new matrix form
-New logic in some of the macros
-New fields added to indoor lighting and hvac
-Everything seems to be working now... :)

12/13/2012 -New WTEA Report version released -still many bugs, not really working correctly in many areas

-Lamp Color added. if empty, will show up as 5000K on the work order.

-Work Order has been changed, it is now more compatible with Andrey.

11/27/2012 -Fixed several bugs that came along v2.2.
-Added new work order and materials form list

-Added 50 fields to indoor lighting


-Matrix WTEA Data Collection Form
-There are now indicators throughout the form.
-You now cannot run the macro unless certain conditions are met. On the front page, you can see these conditions and their statuses.
-"Not Quite" is allowed on the Outdoor Lighting and Indoor Lighting page, those lights will just not be processed on the other forms. However, "Not Quite" is not allowed on any other pages.

-WTEA Pepco form
R1 Sum 'Assessment Overview' now fills itself out.

-macro saves the matrix form after run
-data validation added to indoor lighting
-fixed t8/t5/metal hallide in outdoor lighting form
-closes and saves WTEA report after hiding/unhiding things
-fixed hvac replacement formulas

-fixed work order report
-macro is better/safer
-random bug fixes
-documentation on front page of matrix form
-all cells that have an effect on other forms are highlighted yellow
-data validation is added throughout the matrix data form