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This is a simple module inspired by a request from codesections to have a version of say that would also return its value. Normally, say returns True, but especially when debugging, it can be nice to replace

method foo {
   say [long expression];
   return [long expression];
# or when there are side effects
method foo {
   my $temp = [long expression];
   say $temp;
   return $temp;

with something much simpler:

method yay {
   transay [long expression]

This will take the value of [long expression], say it, and then return the value (which is itself returned by the method).

This can work nicely if you have a math equation and you want to check the value at just a certain step:

use Debug::Transput;
my $a = 1;
my $b = 2;
my $c = transay($a) + transay($b);
say $c;

# 1  - from transay
# 2  - from the other transay
# 3  - from normal say

There are three variants that mirror the normal three operations for output:

  • transay
    Outputs in human-readable form (.gist) and includes a newline.
  • transprint
    Outputs generic form (.Str) and does not add a newline.
  • transput
    Outputs in generic form (.Str) and includes a newline.

Version history

  • v.0.1.1
    • Swapped return for return-rw to make things fully transparent. Hat-tip to Wenzel P. P. Peppmeyer (gfldlex) for the heads up.
  • v.0.1.0
    • Initial version with equivalents for say, print, and put


Copyright 2020 Matthew ‘Matéu’ Stephen Stuckwisch. Licensed under the Artist Licence 2.0. (But honestly, this is crazy simple, feel free to modify and embed directly in a module rather than depending on this, no need to give credit for the code if part of a larger project).


A module enabling a pass-through style say, put, and print, useful in debugging



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