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Awesome BGE

A collection of blender and blender game engine resources


Blender builds for various branches

  • Builder - Blender latest builds
  • Builder experimental - Blender latest experimental builds
  • GraphicAll.org - Various Blender and BGE builds
  • UPBGE downloads - Compiled versions of UPBGE
  • Dark Blender - Optimized for sculpting and game asset creation
  • GLSL PBR Shader for viewport - PBR viewport (BA link)
  • armory - Real-Time 3D Engine for Blender & Cycles (in development)
  • D1618 - This branch contains a set of features aiming at mixing video stream with BGE scene as efficiently as possible (Video capture with DeckLink cards - Video keying with DeckLink cards - Offscreen render)
  • Lux Render - A physically based and unbiased rendering engine (APL license)
  • YafaRay - A free open-source montecarlo raytracing engine released under the LGPL 2.1 license
  • YafaRay-E - YafaRay-E (Experimental)
  • TheBounty Renderer - A free montecarlo raytracing engine (a fork of YafaRay)


Softwares and frameworks that uses blender.

  • Morse - The Modular OpenRobots Simulation Engine
  • Hanson Robotics - Eva Blender Animation API for ROS (Robot Operating System)
  • Bioblender - Addon for Blender to do molecular work


Some usefull addons for modeling, rendering and game making

  • BGECore - Framework for Blender Game Engine (BA Link)
  • UPBGE-CommunityAddon - A framework for UPBGE (BA link) (doc)
  • BGE-Master-Template - Master template for BGE
  • Compz - Graphical user interface module for the Blender Game Engine based on BGUI and KXGUI
  • BRIK game engine ragdolls kit - Meta-Androcto
  • MakeHuman - Free and Open source tool for making 3d characters
  • Manuel Bastioni Lab - 3D humanoids creation in blender (BA link)
  • Animation nodes (AN) - A node based visual scripting system designed for motion graphics in Blender
  • BGE Logic nodes - BGE Logic Nodes (WIP) addon
  • Blend4Web - An open source framework for creating and displaying interactive 3D computer graphics and games in web browsers
  • BDX - A cross-platform game engine for Blender 3D bases on libGDX
  • Hive system - Visualprogramming in python (Hive system prototype)
  • BGE network addon - Basic prototype for BGE networking addon
  • Networking AddOn V2.5 - Multiplayer addon for BGE
  • BlenderRealtimeEngineAddon - An addon to allow external real time engines (e.g. game engines) to use Blender as an editor and allow for closer integration.
  • BlenderPandaAddon - A real time engine addon making use of the open source Panda3D engine.
  • io_scene_gltf - A glTF exporter addon for Blender
  • easyEmit - A particle system
  • BlenderGEResourceKit - A collection of ready-to-use components for the Blender Game Engine
  • Easy Game - a collection of tools that allow you to work faster and more efficiently with the Blender Game Engine
  • BGE-MC - Blender Game Engine Material Creator
  • Asset Sketcher - An addon that lets you paint objects directly into your scene.
  • BGE Sprite Addon - The BGE Sprite Addon lets you add real-time animated textures in the Blender Game Engine, replacing the old and inconsistent ‘UV animated texture' method with a better and more capable system.
  • Area lamps - Blender with real-time rectangular area lamps
  • Improved sapling tree generator - A new version of Blenders sapling tree generator with improvements, new features, and bug fixes
  • COA tools - COA Tools is a 2D Animation Suite for blender. It offsers a 2D cutout animation workflow similar to programs like spine or spriter.
  • Multi Object UV Editing - This addon enables a quick way to create one UV Layout for multiple objects.
  • Driver Constraint Addon - This addon makes constraining shapekey driver to bones super easy. Its all in one simple operator.
  • Blender curve draw - OpenToonz' freehand drawing function ported to blender by Campbell Barton
  • InAIte - Blender Crowd Simulation
  • CrowdMaster - Crowd Simulation for Blender 3D
  • PBR Materials Addon - An addon for cycles render (macio)
  • Bumpy materials plug-in - A plug-in that auto-generate simple "bumpy-shiny" materials from a diffuse texture.
  • Lightmapper - A plugin that generate static lightmaps
  • blam - A camera and projector calibration toolkit for Blender that also does automatic 3D reconstruction of geometry with rectangular faces.
  • Render Cube Map - Blender Addon to Render Cube Map
  • Blender addons list - Many blender addons (like Mifth tools, hdr2rgbm, ...)
  • Blender Add-ons Catalog - Some blender official addons

Math and Creativity

Some works with math and blender

Virtual Reality

Branches and addons for VR, openHMD, OSVR, VRPN


GLSL shaders for BGE


Blender official/unofficial forums


API, WIKI, Tutorials, 2D and 3D Models

Video tutorials

Artists who have video tutorials

Blender development

Some links for blender development


Some books about Blender/BGE

BGE bugs

Current BGE bugs and bugs that solved in UPBGE

  • T4096 - keysensors/mousesensors - missed input with lower framerate
  • T17869 - Geometry Node Material doesn't work properly with shared mesh in BGE
  • T18081 - 2D Filter - custom uniform textures
  • T18496 - Reflection coords problems in Dome mode
  • T18987 - alignAxisToVect() Factor Bug
  • T19216 - Parent with negative scale is not working
  • T21884 - Joystick Controller unable to handle jump in axis letter assignment
  • T22267 - No Vertex Parent on Scene Start
  • T22482 - BGE 2.50: replace all material properties (strings) by datablock pointers (Material *) - (may affect ext. blend libraries)
  • T22729 - Rendering of ztransparent objects depends on mesh center position
  • T23214 - Softbodies with vertex groups misbehave
  • T23271 - KX_JoystickSensor.connected stays True when I unplug the controller, and vise versa
  • T23670 - Something not updating with linked groups
  • T23894 - Mesh modifier in BGE is not used for culling calculation
  • T24948 - Modifiers make materials disappear in BGE (Solved in UPBGE v0.0.1)
  • T25537 - Text object size is different in 3d view and BGE
  • T26403 - Material "Face Textures" option ignored in GLSL mode
  • T27118 - Non-repeating textures and decals not working
  • T27484 - Run-time command line options don't work in Multi-texture mode.
  • T27606 - Mouse position (or bgl buffer) wrong in Letterboxing
  • T28017 - Multi-texture mode Light Options not working
  • T28530 - Action in one Layer affects Action in another Layer.
  • T28723 - Action Actuator: problem with re-play of actuator and general triggering/looping
  • T28853 - Object Animation is different in 3d View and GameEngine.
  • T28979 - Action actuator breaks animation.
  • T29415 - None looping actions loop when played with another looping action
  • T29416 - Strange behavior while using add mode with action actuators
  • T29474 - getScreenRay returns wrong objects with orthographic camera
  • T29643 - 6DoF constraint go mad on rotation round Y axes
  • T29804 - 3D Text's transparent areas will occlude objects drawn behind it afterwards.
  • T29815 - Changing Radar Angle
  • T29820 - Ping Pong with action animation
  • T29909 - Instanced mesh data is not unique
  • T30178 - Simultaneous Animations play incorrect
  • T30243 - Action Actuator:Translation on root bone causing slow parent effect on child objects
  • T30443 - Lighting of Last Object of a Material Overriding Others
  • T31092 - Rigid Body Joint Limits not displayed correctly in Physics Visualisation
  • T31306 - Difficult to play an animation with a proxy
  • T31346 - The IPOs for constraint influence are ignored when an action is played on an Armature Object in BGE
  • T31558 - Solidify modifier doesn't work in game engine when material index offset > 0
  • T31630 - New Character Physics Type Not Adhering to Physics
  • T31876 - Objects with more than one material
  • T31965 - Displace Modifier not working in Blenderplayer
  • T32105 - Unstable triangle mesh collision bounds
  • T32175 - bge.texture.ImageRender alpha channel returns 255 for every pixel
  • T32181 - 'invert' sensor option doesn't trigger controllers unless it's positive once
  • T32257 - Custom GLSL material shader error
  • T32622 - Texture defined from bge.texture's mipmap variable doesn't work
  • T32636 - Screensaver should be deactivated when using joystick
  • T32648 - Bad rendering of textured planes (and solidified too).
  • T32794 - Collision shape bugs
  • T32861 - Odd physics behavior in Blender Game Engine under Windows Only
  • T33191 - Occlusion replaced mesh bug
  • T33512 - Blender Game Engine does not fully implement Parent-Child relationships.
  • T33722 - Added Static Objects Disallow Sleeping
  • T33730 - Node Materials Won't Display Multiple UVs
  • T34061 - Bones rotated ~160° flip normals of normal maps
  • T34510 - Game Loop timing broken
  • T34557 - Friction and character physics
  • T34757 - Shadows dropping the frame-rate based on camera distance
  • T34792 - Game engine node material bug with 2 vertex color channels
  • T35038 - usePulseCollision does not work on Near and Radar sensor
  • T35120 - BGE Camera Actuator fails to align to -X axis
  • T35294 - ImageRenderer output depends on RenderSettings.resolution_{x, y}
  • T35423 - Incredible destabilization of physics when using jointed objects with suspendDynamics()
  • T35606 - Font object visible through object with Z transparency set at zero
  • T36502 - Blenderplayer can't go to full screen mode after starting in Linux
  • T36506 - Game engine python, 'activate(actuator)' causes flickering armature when using trackto and constraints
  • T36581 - Texture flickering on objects with shape keys when armature in BGE mode
  • T36779 - BGE texture module: Camera texture will always fail when the scene is restarted.
  • T37125 - Moving UV coordinates on objects with shape keys fails (Solved in BGE and UPBGE v0.0.2)
  • T37412 - libload progress
  • T37514 - Keyed animations slow in blenderplayer on OS X
  • T37686 - Soft body physics much slower in 2.69 compared to 2.68a
  • T38119 - Model Renders Black in BGE via Multitexture
  • T38823 - Shadows + Occluders Severely Drop Framerate
  • T38913 - Game engine crash with Arraymod + cap-object
  • T38916 - Bug Game Engine Runtime
  • T39602 - BGE crashes when "fliping trough" physics for object with actuaors
  • T39604 - Using SetParent disables timeOffset
  • T39963 - OBS causes blender to crash on closure ,
  • T40086 - Poor Support for Dynamic Number of Lights in GLSL Mode
  • T40427 - Compound mesh not updated with Outliner children
  • T40475 - BGE: Children objects not freed after python access. (Solved in UPBGE v0.0.1)
  • T40790 - 2D Filters and anti-aliasing broke quad buffer stereo
  • T40955 - LibNew doesn't clone Physics Mesh (Solved in UPBGE v0.0.6)
  • T41181 - Redesigning Input Controllers/Sensors
  • T41182 - SceneGraph Review
  • T41184 - SceneGraph and Transforms
  • T41209 - Run Armature actuator not working with DupliGroup object.
  • T41520 - BGE-optimized vertex deform method causes vertices to go smooth
  • T41529 - After pree P test game, pose library will turn red & lose if save .blend file.
  • T41677 - Skin modifier dont work with 0 face objects (Solved in UPBGE v0.0.1)
  • T41825 - Effects in bge
  • T41829 - Normal Map in Material Node going wrong
  • T41940 - VideoTexture ImageRender does not consider 2D filter actives for the scene
  • T42017 - BGE KX_GameObject new 'worldDimensions' and 'localDimensions' properties accessible from Python API
  • T42020 - BGE crashes when LibLoading multiple files asynchronously
  • T42126 - Track-to BGE child rotation during runtime not rotate as parent.
  • T42227 - Radar sensor distance
  • T42332 - Action Actutator (or playAction()) Blend-in option doesn't work on object (on Armatures does)
  • T42440 - An useful BUG: show TEXT backface in BGE.
  • T42599 - Simple animation test stopped working.
  • T43011 - A clip of the object is not right in BGE
  • T43325 - getScreenPosition lags behind by a few frames
  • T43538 - BGE: Servo Control needs a rewrite
  • T43829 - No alpha blend in cycles viewport, should expose BGE alpha blend setting in cycles UI.
  • T43883 - joystick Xbox does not work properly in Blender 2.73 and 2.74 testbuild
  • T43909 - "Logic steps" setting can slow down game to a crawl
  • T43923 - Record animation with a rigid body fails to animate
  • T43984 - Variance shadow maps (VSM) work incorrectly in the BGE
  • T44032 - Unusual cpu and gpu usage and stuttering in BGE
  • T44328 - Character motion actuator additive motion not working correct
  • T44529 - 2D Filter not running for entire screen when Viewport is used with Stereo
  • T44557 - BGE leaves references in memory after quitting (Solved in BGE v0.0.7)
  • T44638 - BGE Animation inconsistent with Blender render
  • T45068 - Scaled Capsule Collision Bounds do not match mesh
  • T45367 - Z-Transparency at alpha 1, it makes artifacts.
  • T45576 - SoftBody demostration file makes strange deformation.
  • T45679 - Standalone game engine won't start
  • T45742 - Drivers in Game Engine don't work for Spawned objects
  • T45957 - light.type appears to not do anything when set in engine
  • T46122 - Action Actuator - Flipper Mode Frame Glitches
  • T46276 - Multiple Track To bone constraint not working in BGE
  • T46381 - The animation is not played to the end (Solved in BGE and UPBGE v0.0.2)
  • T46394 - bgelauncher embedded and standalone
  • T46527 - Transformation of child objects appears broken
  • T46645 - [BUG] BGE character physics steering
  • T46650 - Animations don't update until looking at them.
  • T46698 - Mesh parent bug
  • T46728 - BGE Flipper Animation, Frame Glitches in connection with Dynamic Physic Types
  • T46755 - Animation gets broken (needs properer title).
  • T47036 - Collision callback normal is reversed on objects with collision bounds enabled
  • T47125 - Standalone player segfaults, but embedded player works fine
  • T47278 - Bone child.worldPosition and world Orientation appear to be at least 1 frame off
  • T47287 - Animation not play in Game Engine
  • T47297 - Compound parenting issues with spawned copies of root shape objects.
  • T47330 - Problem when 2 gamepads use in same time logitech (button dont work but axix work) logic editor
  • T47616 - BGE stereo SBS : (time of) rendering discrepency between eyes
  • T46902 - BGE:: Motion Actuator:: The code for Force apparently overwritten with code for LinV (Solved in BGE with Fix T46902 and in UPBGE v0.0.1)
  • T47908 - Loop End action does not complete (behaves as Loop Stop)
  • T47909 - Significant animation overhead remains after stopping animation playback
  • T47945 - transformUV() and vertex.UV don't work on rigged objects
  • T48099 - Adress boundary error given bad input (Solved in UPBGE v0.0.6)
  • T48226 - Armature-setParent-glitch-crash
  • T48256 - Shadows in Blender Game
  • T48317 - Blender Crashing in Game Engine
  • T48371 - Action Layers not working in newer Blender versions
  • T48374 - Global texture co-ordinates sometimes distorted when setting worldOrientation
  • T48458 - BGE solidify materials
  • T48493 - Animation Glitches when suspending/resuming scenes
  • T48599 - getActionName() still returning Action name that already stopped.
  • T48706 - Text 'center' mode not working in game engine
  • T48705 - bge.types.KX_FontObject(KX_GameObject).resolution doesn't exist in documentation.
  • T48751 - GE Sound works in Blender but not in runtimes (similar to T27558)
  • T48774 - Tangent Shading material option doesn't work on BGE.
  • T48989 - Custom shaders don't work on group instances
  • Not reported bugs that solved in UPBGE //Todo