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@jwilm jwilm released this Oct 3, 2018 · 826 commits to master since this release


  • Implement the hidden escape sequence (echo -e "\e[8mTEST")
  • Add support for macOS systemwide dark mode
  • Set the environment variable COLORTERM="truecolor" to advertise 24-bit color support
  • On macOS, there are two new values for the config option window.decorations:
    • transparent - This makes the title bar transparent and allows the
      viewport to extend to the top of the window.
    • buttonless - Similar to transparent but also removed the buttons.
  • Add support for changing the colors from 16 to 256 in the indexed_colors config section
  • Add save_to_clipboard configuration option for copying selected text to the system clipboard
  • New terminfo entry, alacritty-direct, that advertises 24-bit color support
  • Add support for CSI sequences Cursor Next Line (\e[nE) and Cursor Previous Line (\e[nF)


  • Inverse/Selection color is now modelled after XTerm/VTE instead of URxvt to improve consistency
  • First click on unfocused Alacritty windows is no longer ignored on platforms other than macOS
  • Reduce memory usage significantly by only initializing part of the scrollback buffer at startup
  • The alacritty terminfo entry no longer requires the xterm definition to be
    present on the system
  • The default TERM value is no longer static; the alacritty entry is used if
    available, otherwise the xterm-256color entry is used instead


  • The terminfo entry alacritty-256color. It is replaced by the alacritty
    entry (which also advertises 256 colors)


  • Rendering now occurs without the terminal locked which improves performance
  • Clear screen properly before rendering of content to prevent various graphical glitches
  • Fix build failure on 32-bit systems
  • Windows started as unfocused now show the hollow cursor if the setting is enabled
  • Empty lines in selections are now properly copied to the clipboard
  • Selection start point lagging behind initial cursor position
  • Rendering of selections which start above the visible area and end below it


  • The config option window.decorations should now use full or none instead
    of true or false, respectively.


  • Bracketed paste mode now filters escape sequences beginning with \x1b
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