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Here you can find misc programs for various purposes just for archiving purpose.

  • academic
    • Data Mining: clustering, data to arff conversion
    • Graphs: Dijkstra, Independent Sets
    • Paper Writing: citation sorter, citeulike query/parse
    • Presentations
    • Statistics: Regression
  • desktop
    • kiett: Qt IETT bus timetable app
    • kixdelta: Qt GUI for running xdelta.
  • games
    • beyzbol: baseball game with pygame
    • fare: mouse animation with pygame
    • turkrabble: a draft for scrabble with Qt
    • xox: XOX game with Qt
  • giraph
    • NumberofShortestPaths: draft codes finding number of shortest paths between nodes using Giraph.
  • justforfun
    • hanoi: Hanoi towers with C, Java and Python
    • sayisalstats: Sayısal loto lottery statistics generator
    • siir: Python poem
  • os
    • ddir/ddirfinder: Duplicate file detector
    • kucultucu: Image resizer.
    • pyorainstaller: Automatic oracle installer with Python
    • flash64kviruscleaner: Searches for files of 64KB in a flash disk that could be a virus.
    • yurtnet: Işık University dorm connection script
  • parser
    • csvtomysql: Parses csv and generates CREATE TABLE, INSERT INTO statements for MySQL.
  • school
    • FractalGeometry: Fractal drawer with Java
    • GameOfLife: Game of Life game with Java
    • Java: sample codes for teaching Java
    • OptimalBST: Optimal Binary Search Tree implementation with Python
    • TurkBayragi: Turkish flag with Java
    • image_pull_latex: Downloads an image from web, generates bibtex record for it.
    • vhdlcg: VHDL code generator from a logic expression
  • scripts
    • noise_removal: Noise removal scripts to apply on mp4 videos.
  • visualization
    • uyku: sleep time visualizer with Qt
    • datatable: Data table visualization with Qt
    • heatmap: Heatmap visualization with Qt
    • facebook-test: Visualize your facebook friendship network


Small scripts for various purposes.






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