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Commits on Mar 19, 2013
  1. @ixti @parkr

    Flatten tags and categories lists. Fixes #741.

    ixti authored parkr committed
  2. @parkr
  3. @parkr
  4. @parkr

    Syncing STDOUT. Fixes #625.

    parkr authored
Commits on Mar 18, 2013
  1. @parkr

    Release 1.0.0.beta2

    parkr authored
  2. @parkr

    Update version for 1.0.0.beta2.

    parkr authored
  3. @parkr
Commits on Mar 17, 2013
  1. @parkr
  2. @parkr

    Merge pull request #872 from mojombo/downcase-post-cats

    parkr authored
    Ensure all Post categories are downcase
  3. @parkr
  4. @parkr
  5. @parkr

    Merge branch 'master' of

    parkr authored
    * 'master' of
      Added note to highlight common pitfall/misconception regarding Pagination's capabilities.
  6. @parkr
  7. @davewasmer @parkr
  8. @parkr

    Merge pull request #853 from davecranwell/master

    parkr authored
    Pagination can't be filtered by tag or category, but this isn't clear and is often found out too late by an implementer
  9. @parkr

    Update history to reflect #861

    parkr authored
  10. @parkr

    Merge pull request #861 from danielgrieve/gist-tag

    parkr authored
    display single files from gist
  11. @parkr
  12. @parkr

    Merge pull request #871 from mojombo/gh-pages-mime-types

    parkr authored
    Use GH Pages MIME types.
  13. @parkr
  14. @parkr

    Added sanity tests for #869.

    parkr authored
  15. @mojombo

    Use GH Pages MIME types.

    mojombo authored
  16. @parkr
  17. @parkr
  18. @parkr
  19. @parkr

    Merge pull request #869 from mojombo/baseurl-in-liquid

    parkr authored
    Expose site.baseurl to Liquid templates.
  20. @parkr
  21. @parkr

    Merge pull request #862 from mojombo/fix-autogen-dest-prob

    parkr authored
    Stop DirectoryWatcher from watching the destination directory
  22. @parkr
  23. @parkr
  24. fix regex

    Daniel Grieve authored
  25. @parkr
  26. @parkr

    Merge pull request #837 from ixti/feature-excerpt

    parkr authored
    Adds excerpt to posts
  27. @parkr
  28. @parkr

    Merge pull request #764 from mojombo/jekyll-new

    parkr authored
    `jekyll new`: scaffold site generator
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