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This is a tumblr theme based on the Skeleton grid boilerplate. It will hopefully be in the tumblr theme garden at some point.

The tumblr template engine documents can be found at


  • Same theme on mobile and "normal" web (you have to disable the mobile theme in your tumblr blog settings).
  • Images re-size based on your window size. This includes mobile vertical/horizontal views.
  • Loads high-res images for every device except phones (ipad gets high-res). Phones get a link to the high-res image.
  • Option to include current/most recently played track in
  • Disquss comments
  • Option to turn notes on/off

Known bugs

  • Spotify posts don't look great on phones (yet)
  • Need to get photosets resizing properly. They kind of mess up the mobile view.


The following files are required. All of the javascript and css have already been uploaded to tumblr and are referenced appropriately in the theme.

  • skeleton_theme.html - The actual theme code. Copy/paste this into your custom HTML box in the tumblr theme customization page.
  • javascripts/lastfm.js - For retreiving your current track from (optional). It will require a API key which you can enter as an advanced customization option on tumblr.
  • stylesheets/base.css, layout.css, skeleton.css - The Skeleton css files. AKA all of the hard work.


To install the theme, simply copy the raw source of skeleton_theme.html, then go to[your blog], click the Edit HTML button, and paste the code in there.

You'll be prompted with options for your username/API key, Disqus shortname, and the text to put in the footer.

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