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Online web role playing game (RPG) engine let you build your own game directly from your browser.
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Dot World Maker

Online web role playing game (RPG) engine let you build your own game directly from your browser. This is a complete and fully running engine, allowing to directly create a multi-player game running on any HTML5 browser (even mobile phones).

This is also the same base engine used on



Quick start for Windows:

  • Install node and MariaDb on your computer
  • Clone or download the repository
  • Run the "start_server.cmd" file and your engine should start (make sure you fulfill the requirements).

Later on you may still use "start_server.cmd" to run the engine

Installation (manual installation)


  • Clone or download the repository
  • Create a database on your MySQL or MariaDB and create a DB user for the engine
  • delete the file must_install.txt
  • Import the SQL statements from tables.txt into your database
  • Edit the package.json file (config section)
  • Using a command prompt install the needed packages: "npm install ." (this must be run within the directory where the package.json is)

Running it

  • Using a command prompt start the server: "node server.js"
  • Using your browser connect to or the port specified in the package.json

Default user: admin password: admin

Changing the source code

To edit the client or the server Code

  • Edit the .ts files never the resulting .js as they will be overwitten when you compile the engine
  • Use gulp with the task compile to compile once or the default task will watch the changes and compile when needed

How to start developing

  • Install gulp-cli: npm install --global gulp-cli
  • Edit the needed TS files
  • Compile to JS: gulp compile:client compile:server

You may keep gulp monitoring the changes and compile as needed by just running "gulp default"

Start working on your game

How to create your grame

Online documentation

Demo game

Try the demo


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