State manager for you components apps, the safe and easy way.
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State manager for your app components, the safe and easy way.

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Why should you give it a try ? 🤔

Because k-ramel:

  • ⚡️ is fast
  • 📸 is immutable
  • 📦 is modular
  • 💎 encourages to decouple UI and state management
  • 💥 encourages to not have side effect into your business logic
  • 👌 has a light bundle size footprint (with http driver)
  • 🐛 works with redux-dev-tools


packages description  size gziped
k-ramel core package Size Size
@k-ramel/react ReactJS connector (documentation) Size Size
@k-ramel/driver-http fetch wrapper (drivers documentation) Size Size
@k-ramel/driver-form minimalist form handler (drivers documentation) Size Size
@k-ramel/driver-redux-form redux-form wrapper (drivers documentation) Size Size
@k-ramel/driver-redux-little-router redux-littler-router wrapper (drivers documentation) Size Size


You can pick some modules based on your usage, or even write your own.
The modules that are supported by k-ramel are listed here.
We add modules when we need them but feel free to open PR if you want to add your own.

Modules can be :

  • connectors, used to connect your business logic (and your data) to your UI. We only have a ReactJS connector at the moment.
  • drivers, used to do some side effects (http, window, history, etc) or share some logic, besides your business logic.

How to use k-ramel

k-ramel is a data store that allows you to listen to event and then react to it. In a reaction you can access:

  • the outside world via drivers, this is where you put your side effects, like HTTP calls
  • your data, via store

Then if you connect an UI to k-ramel, via connectors, it can be refreshed each time the store is updated.

You can find documentation about each part of k-ramel there:



Known users

  • sparklane - B2B Predictive lead scoring [closed source]
  • metroscope - AI diagnosis for targeted maintenance [closed source]
  • conference-hall - A call for paper project [open source]
  • k-mille - alakarteio assistant [open source]

About alakarteio

alakarteio is created by two passionate french developers.

Do you want to contact them? Go to their website

Guillaume CRESPEL Fabien JUIF