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****** Alpha Faucet Script ******

Written by - alamin

For help, go to:

****** Alpha Faucet Script ****** *** Alpha Faucet Script ***


=> Caching instead of database.
=> No database needed to run. [I hate MySQL]
=> Easy to move your faucet, just download all files and upload.
=> Dual microwallet support.
=> Advanced Proxy and VPN blocker.
=> Anti-adblocker.
=> Quick blocking if captcha is incorrect for 3 times.
=> [Will be available in next update]
=> Instead of one IP per addy, Locking IP and addy after every successful claim.
=> Errorless PHP script, easily customizable.
=> Countdown Timer added.
=> Preloader added.
=> Integrated with ProLink API.
=> Sending user's IP to microwallet, this will help you to prevent frauds.
=> Captcha type: ReCaptcha [Custom design, black theme].

[I am not very good at designing. A good design can make this script awesome.] Installing this script: Installation is pretty easy. => Upload all files to your server. => Open libs/config.php file and write your own values. => Open root index.php and add your banners and customize. => If you don't know basic html, follow my guides to add banners. Find by searching on text editor. Then find those texts that indicate banners; i.e. 728x90 banner, 160x600 banner etc. Just replace these texts with your banner code. That's it, your faucet is ready to go...!!!


=> No SQL Injection: No SQL Injection is possible because we are not using MySQL Database. "No MySQL, No Injection."
=> Speed: According to the algorithm of this script, your faucet will work faster than any other faucet of different script.
=> Less Resources: It needs 10 bytes data to save claiming details of each IP and addy. That means, it needs only 1 MB data to save claiming details of 1,04,857 different IPs and addresses. 34 bytes for saving referral address, that means 30,840 referral data can be saved in only 1 MB. Cool, isn't it? Also, we don't need to use any database. This script can be run on maximum free hosting.
=> 2x Visitor: As it has dual microwallet support, you can promote your site on both microwallet's faucet promoting page. So, you will get visitors from both side!
=> Easily Moving: Want to move your faucet to another folder / domain / server? Well, that's very easy. Zip all files, download. Then upload this zip to new place and unzip. That's it.
=> No hidden fee: I really hate something like this, 1~5 satoshi fee per claim etc and so on... There is no hidden fee or hidden anything else.
=> Open Source: This script is 100% open source. You can customize, edit, contribute to this script.

This script is completely free. But please don't remove the script and design courtesy.

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