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@sgibson91 sgibson91 released this Sep 8, 2019

This release modifies and the "Deploy to Azure" button such that a user can make a choice between Docker Hub and Azure Container Registry for the deployed BinderHub to store images in. The choice is made by setting the container_registry (in config.json; CONTAINER_REGISTRY for container mode) variable to either dockerhub or azurecr.

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@sgibson91 sgibson91 released this Jun 11, 2019

This is version 1 of a project to automatically deploy a BinderHub to Azure cloud through a set of shell scripts or a "Deploy to Azure" button feature. The scripts ensure all the required command line interfaces are installed, then deploys a Kubernetes cluster and the BinderHub Helm Chart on Azure from a configuration defined in the config.json file. Some extra scripts are provided to easily access information and logs from the BinderHub, deploy upgrades or tear down the BinderHub. When the "Deploy to Azure" button is used, a container is spun up which executes the deployment process and pushes logs and relevant files to blob storage.

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Jun 11, 2019


Merge pull request #30 from alan-turing-institute/feature/docs
Restructure README
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