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This is a mogp (Multi-Output Gaussian Process Emulator) plugin for FabSim3.


A detailed tutorial has been written describing the computations carried out by this plugin. We also provide a docker image with all required software pre-installed to improve accessibility to the tutorial for novice users. For more details, see the VECMA Workshop Tutorial.



Simply type fab localhost install_plugin:fabmogp anywhere inside your FabSim3 install directory.

FabSim3 Configuration

Once you have installed the required dependencies, you will need to take a few small configuration steps:

  1. Go to (FabSim Home)/deploy
  2. Open machines_user.yml
  3. Under the section default:, please add the following lines:
    a. mpi_exec=(mpiexec_file_path)
    NOTE: you can find it in your local machine by running which mpiexec
    Please replace mpiexec_file_path with your actual install path file.

    b. fdfault_exec=(fdfault Home)
    NOTE: Please replace (fdfault Home) with your actual install directory.


  1. To run a single job, simply type:
    fabsim localhost mogp:demo
  2. To run the ensemble, you can type, simply type:
    fabsim localhost mogp_ensemble:demo,sample_points=20
  3. You can copy back any results from completed runs using:
    fabsim localhost fetch_results
    The results will then be in a directory inside (FabSim3 Home)/results, which is most likely called demo_localhost_16
  4. You can analysis the simulation output using:
    fabsim localhost mogp_analysis:demo,demo_localhost_16