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Annotations for the RSOS article on Urban Dictionary (Nguyen, McGillivray and Yasseri)
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Urban Dictionary

This repository contains annotations and R analysis code for the Royal Society Open Science article Emo, love, and god: Making sense of Urban Dictionary, a crowd-sourced online dictionary by Nguyen, McGillivray and Yasseri.

Please contact Dong Nguyen if you have any questions.


  • content_type_annotations_merged.csv: This file contains the crowdsourced annotations on aspects of the content in Urban Dictionary (opinion versus meaning, familiarity, formality, proper nouns). Each definition was annotated by 3 workers. For example the familiar_1, familiar_2 and familiar_3 columns contain the annotations on familiarity. The familiar column contains the final category based on majority vote.

  • offensive_annotations_merged.csv: This file contains the crowdsourced annotations on the offensiveness of the content.


  • content_types.rmd: R code for analyzing aspects of the content in Urban Dictionary
  • offensiveness.rmd: R code for analyzing the offensivess of the content.
  • popularity_content.rmd: R code for analyzing how different aspects affect the ranking of the definitions.
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