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SapMM is Simple As Possible memory manager for Delphi XE+, designed especially for memory-intensive multithreaded applications. Should also work with other versions of Delphi (may require tiny code modifications). SapMM scales very (I mean VERY) well under multithreaded use. If you use OmniThreadLibrary, you definetely should take a look at SapMM.

To use SapMM simply add to your uses clause SapInstall unit as the first unit of your project (in the dpr file).

NOTE! Currently SapMM supports only 32-bit mode and can not be used with 64-bit applications. Contributors who can add 64-bit support are welcome, any help appreciated.

At the present moment SapMM is well tested only with Delphi XE and XE3 and is used in production (multi-user document flow system) since June 2013. Version 1.01 is stable and can be used in production.

Author of the code is Alexei Nedoria, PM and software guru from Ivanovo, Russia. You can contact him directly via his email

Current maintainer of the code is Anton Alisov, PM and software developer from Ivanovo, Russia. You can contact me via GoogleCode, email:, Skype: antonalisov.

You can tune up the manager in some ways using SapDefs.pas unit. The most interesting constants here are:

cOSBlockSize - minimal block size, requested from OS as one piece
cMaxOSBlocksInPool - number of freed OS blocks, which are not returned to the OS by your app and stay in memory pool for future reuse. I.e. cOSBlockSize x cMaxOSBlocksInPool is maximum amount of memory your app will always hold for future reuse. Forced pool cleanup may happen in insufficient memory conditions.


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