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Project 3 - Mars Quiz (React)

Project Summary

A one page app to quiz potential Martian Colonists; built using React. The project features an introduction page; 3 timed quiz questions; results pages (fail or pass); and a 404 page. CSS animations were also used to add visual interest to select pages. The end result required the user the answer all three questions correctly (within a time limit) before being accepted into the colonist program.

Tools Used

  • React
  • CSS animation
  • SASS
  • Gulp, BrowserSync, Autoprefixer, Web-pack
  • Git and GitHub


This was a very challenging but rewarding project using React. It took a while to adjust to the thinking behind React and how to use states and props. However once patterns in writing code started to appear and with a solid understanding of Props/States and how each affects the other, it began to become easier to write and understand. I love the modularity of React and how you can import already built components into your app and be able to use them without having to re-write code for each use case. I look forward to exploring and really learning the ins and outs of this framework.

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