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My emacs thingy
Emacs Lisp
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The Goods

  • Clojure stuff
  • Latest org-mode
  • Latest magit
  • Sweet color theme I'm working on, color-theme-miami-vice, based on color-theme-molokai


  • Emacs 23.2+, GUI or CLI, on Mac or Linux
  • texinfo (to build magit): on Ubuntu, install with sudo apt-get install texinfo


  1. Clone this repository move it to ~/.emacs.d
  2. Run Emacs. When you see the message "Congrats, el-get is installed and ready to serve!", restart Emacs.
  3. Emacs will do more stuff and then stop. You might see a warning. Restart Emacs again.
  4. More crazy stuff will happen. Restart Emacs again.
  5. Done!
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