Clojure REPL GUI using Swing
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Swing Clojure REPL that uses BeanShell's JConsole component.



You can run lein swank and connect with SLIME via Emacs, or you can build a distributable jar with lein uberjar

To run, use something like java -jar swingrepl-standalone.jar


  • Completions for things available in the current namespace: JConsole has its own completions mechanism that might be hooked into
  • Bracket, parentheses, quote completion/matching/highlighting
  • Better as-library behavior: provide configurable automatic imports


  • A Clojure implementation of something like JConsole might be nice


Many props to the BeanShell dude for making such a cool REPL.

Copyright 2012 Alan Dipert Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.