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(ns alandipert.flapjax-demo.sum
(:require [flapjax :as fj]))
(defn parse-float
"Attempts to parse s with js/parseFloat. If parsing fails, returns default."
[s default]
(let [n (js/parseFloat s)]
(if (js/isNaN n) default n)))
(defn extractNumberE
"Returns an event stream of numeric values from the input with
id. Unparseable input values take the default value."
[id default]
(fj/mapE #(parse-float % default) (fj/extractValueE id)))
(defn extractNumberB
"Returns a behavior representing a numeric value backed
by the text input at id.
Assumes the value of default if the input is empty or contains an
unparseable string."
[id default]
(fj/startsWith (extractNumberE id default) default))
(defn sumB
"Returns a behavior representing the sum of behaviors."
[& behaviors]
(apply fj/liftB + behaviors))
(defn calculate [target-id & source-ids]
(let [arguments (map #(extractNumberB % 0) source-ids)
results (apply sumB arguments)]
(fj/insertValueB results target-id "innerHTML")))
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