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/* Network News Transfer protocol module for the WWW library
/* History:
** 26 Sep 90 Written TBL in Objective-C
** 29 Nov 91 Downgraded to C, for portable implementation.
** Mar 96 Moved NewsArt here. Upgraded back to C from Objectionable-C
#ifndef HTNEWS_H
#define HTNEWS_H
#include "HTAccess.h"
#include "HTAnchor.h"
#include "../src/newsrc.h"
extern HTProtocol HTNews;
extern void HTSetNewsHost PARAMS((WWW_CONST char *value));
extern WWW_CONST char * HTGetNewsHost NOPARAMS;
extern char * HTNewsHost;
extern int newsShowAllGroups;
extern int newsShowReadGroups;
extern int ConfigView;
extern int newsGotList;
extern char *NewsGroup;
extern newsgroup_t *NewsGroupS;
extern int newsShowAllArticles;
#define NO_CHANGE -1
void HTSetNewsConfig (int, int, int, int, int, int, int, int );
/* Thread Chain Structure */
typedef struct NEWSART {
struct NEWSART *prev, *next, *prevt, *nextt; /* Article List pointers */
char *FirstRef, *LastRef; /* Thread List pointers */
long num; /* Article Header Info */
char *ID;
char *SUBJ;
char *FROM;
} NewsArt;
extern NewsArt *CurrentArt;
#endif /* HTNEWS_H */