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/* String handling for libwww
Case-independent string comparison and allocations with copies etc
#ifndef HTSTRING_H
#define HTSTRING_H
#include "HTUtils.h"
extern int WWW_TraceFlag; /* Global flag for all W3 trace */
extern WWW_CONST char * HTLibraryVersion; /* String for help screen etc */
Case-insensitive string comparison
The usual routines (comp instead of cmp) had some problem.
extern int strcasecomp PARAMS((WWW_CONST char *a, WWW_CONST char *b));
extern int strncasecomp PARAMS((WWW_CONST char *a, WWW_CONST char *b, int n));
Malloced string manipulation
#define StrAllocCopy(dest, src) HTSACopy (&(dest), src)
#define StrAllocCat(dest, src) HTSACat (&(dest), src)
extern char * HTSACopy PARAMS ((char **dest, WWW_CONST char *src));
extern char * HTSACat PARAMS ((char **dest, WWW_CONST char *src));
Next word or quoted string
extern char * HTNextField PARAMS ((char** pstr));
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