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+Everything not already copyrighted by CERN is copyrighted by NCSA
+(including the contents of the libhtmlw, libnet, libXmx, and src
+directories, but not including the contents of libdtm, which is
+entirely public domain).
+The official NCSA Mosaic copyright statement follows.
+ * NCSA Mosaic for the X Window System *
+ * Software Development Group *
+ * National Center for Supercomputing Applications *
+ * University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign *
+ * 605 E. Springfield, Champaign IL 61820 *
+ * *
+ * *
+ * Copyright (C) 1993, Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois *
+ * *
+ * NCSA Mosaic software, both binary and source (hereafter, Software) is *
+ * copyrighted by The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois *
+ * (UI), and ownership remains with the UI. *
+ * *
+ * The UI grants you (hereafter, Licensee) a license to use the Software *
+ * for academic, research and internal business purposes only, without a *
+ * fee. Licensee may distribute the binary and source code (if released) *
+ * to third parties provided that the copyright notice and this statement *
+ * appears on all copies and that no charge is associated with such *
+ * copies. *
+ * *
+ * Licensee may make derivative works. However, if Licensee distributes *
+ * any derivative work based on or derived from the Software, then *
+ * Licensee will (1) notify NCSA regarding its distribution of the *
+ * derivative work, and (2) clearly notify users that such derivative *
+ * work is a modified version and not the original NCSA Mosaic *
+ * distributed by the UI. *
+ * *
+ * Any Licensee wishing to make commercial use of the Software should *
+ * contact the UI, c/o NCSA, to negotiate an appropriate license for such *
+ * commercial use. Commercial use includes (1) integration of all or *
+ * part of the source code into a product for sale or license by or on *
+ * behalf of Licensee to third parties, or (2) distribution of the binary *
+ * code or source code to third parties that need it to utilize a *
+ * commercial product sold or licensed by or on behalf of Licensee. *
+ * *
+ * *
+ * By using or copying this Software, Licensee agrees to abide by the *
+ * copyright law and all other applicable laws of the U.S. including, but *
+ * not limited to, export control laws, and the terms of this license. *
+ * UI shall have the right to terminate this license immediately by *
+ * written notice upon Licensee's breach of, or non-compliance with, any *
+ * of its terms. Licensee may be held legally responsible for any *
+ * copyright infringement that is caused or encouraged by Licensee's *
+ * failure to abide by the terms of this license. *
+ * *
+ * Comments and questions are welcome and can be sent to *
+ * *
+ ****************************************************************************/
+For more information on copyright and licensing issues, contact:
+Jae Allen
+Software Development Group
+National Center for Supercomputing Applications
+605 E. Springfield, Champaign IL 61820
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+Mosaic 2.7b6
+ * ported to modern Linux
+ * added info tag to gopher
+ * fixed text/html; iso xxxxx bug
+ * moved all startup files into .mosaic directory
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+NCSA Mosaic Features List
+This list is up to date for version 2.5 of NCSA Mosaic.
+ o Support for accessing documents, images, audio, video, animations, and data
+ through World Wide Web, Gopher, WAIS, FTP, NNTP/Usenet news, telnet,
+ tn3270, and local files; and via gateways, Techinfo, TeXinfo, Archie, CSO
+ qi/ph, relational databases, and other sources.
+ o Friendly X/Motif user interface.
+ o Color and monochrome default X resource settings.
+ o Multiple independent document viewing windows.
+ o Completely interruptible network input/output, with full status indication
+ during network operations.
+ o Support for interactive fill-out forms inside documents, to enable powerful
+ database and search engine front-ends. Fill-out forms can contain text entry
+ areas (single- or multi-line), option buttons, radio buttons, option menus,
+ scrolled lists, and image maps. Fill-out form elements are instantiated as
+ Motif widgets.
+ o Support for standard World Wide Web authentication scheme, providing
+ security about equivalent to telnet's username/password scheme.
+ o Customizable encryption hooks to allow external PEM or PGP encryption to
+ be used to request and receive encrypted documents.
+ o Support for encrypted submission of forms.
+ o Support for first time encryption of all http communication.
+ o Extensive HTTP/1.0 support, including the ability to allow a remote
+ server to
+ return URL redirections rather than documents for transparent forwarding of
+ information pointers.
+ o Ability to pass any or all URL access methods to a proxy gateway to simulate
+ direct network connection for those behind firewalls.
+ o Direct access to WAIS databases, including support for binary files and
+ multiformat responses.
+ o Built-in support for recognizing and handling GIF, JPEG, TIFF, audio, AIFF,
+ DVI, MPEG, MIME, XWD, RGB, HDF, PostScript files and forking off
+ appropriate viewers.
+ o Full customizability of recognized formats, external viewers, and file
+ extensions.
+ o Ability to fire off arbitrary client-side shell scripts in response to
+ hyperlink
+ activations via format/viewer customization options.
+ o Ability to natively view data inside HDF and netCDF scientific data files,
+ with powerful hypermedia interface to explore internal structure of data
+ files.
+ o Inlined images in formatted (HTML) text: X bitmaps and GIF images can be
+ included anywhere inside a document, and can act as hyperlink anchors. Image
+ files themselves can be located anywhere on the network. Images can act as
+ maps, so clicking on them sends coordinates of click to remote server.
+ o Automatic dithering of inlined images on monochrome displays.
+ o Support of GIF89 transparent background in inlined images.
+ o Flexible inlined-image caching with customizable image cache size.
+ o Delayed image loading mode, to avoid automatic loading of all images in
+ accessed documents for users with slow network connections.
+ o Visited document history list per window.
+ o Global history with previously visited locations visually distinct; global
+ history is persistent across sessions.
+ o Hotlist/bookmark capability -- keep list of interesting documents,
+ add/remove/rename items, list is persistent across sessions. Now stored
+ in nested HTML.
+ o Personal annotations with GUI annotation entry dialog; annotations can later
+ be edited or deleted, and hyperlinks to existing annotations are inlined
+ into subsequent accesses of an annotated document. (Any document from any
+ server via any access method can be annotated.)
+ o Audio (voice) annotations with GUI for controlling recording process (SGI,
+ SGI, and HP only).
+ o Transparent and automatic uncompression of compressed (.Z) and gzip'd (.z or
+ .gz) files (over FTP, HTTP0, HTTP/1.0, local files, and Gopher).
+ o "Load to local disk" mode, for pulling down arbitrary binary files and
+ saving them to local disk without viewing them.
+ o In-document search capability.
+ o Fully 8-bit clean for formatted and plain text.
+ o On-the-fly font and hyperlink style selection.
+ o Hardcoded menu entries for popular network starting points, including the
+ NCSA Internet Resources Meta-Index.
+ o Keyword search capability (for WAIS, Gopher, Archie, etc.).
+ o Cut and paste formatted text into other X windows.
+ o Ability to display arbitrarily long documents.
+ o Save/mail/print documents in several formats, including formatted ASCII
+ text and PostScript.
+ o Online hypertext help and FAQ list.
+ o No config or resource file installation required; self-contained
+ executable.
+ o Extremely customizable via compile-time definitions, X resources, and
+ standard configuration file formats (including mailcap files for
+ format/viewer customization).
+ o Can be controlled by signals to allow use as a full-featured help or
+ information presentation subsystems by existing applications.
+ o Integrated with NCSA Collage and NCSA DTM to broadcast documents into
+ real-time networked workgroup collaboration sessions.
+ o It's PURIFY'D!!!
+ o Common Client Interface (CCI) support to allow external applications
+ to communicate with Mosaic via TCP/IP.
+ o Kiosk mode
+ o Editor Hook
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