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OSCON 2012 Clojure Tutorial

Developer Bootstrap

You will need the following:

  • Emacs version 23+
    • To check which version you have, type M-x emacs-version
  • Bash
  • Git

Download additional dependencies by running:





Open the HTML file src/org/index.html in a web browser and type t to start the presentation.

Building for Distribution

You can build a ZIP file for distribution to students that includes the slides. Run these commands:


The ZIP file will be in out/.

Exporting from Emacs

Optionally, you can run the HTML export directly from Emacs.

Note: Code syntax highlighting will use your current Emacs color theme, which may not look good on slides with a white background.

You will need the following:

  • Org-mode version 7+
    • To check which version you have, open an .org file and type M-x org-version
  • clojure-mode latest version
  • htmlize latest version

In Emacs, open the file src/org/ If you are prompted about local variables, type !. Type C-c C-e h to export the HTML.

Org-mode Hints

See lib/org-html-slides/ for more information about controlling and formatting the presentation.

Each slide must be an org-mode headline, at level 1 or 2, with the :slide: tag.

Add this line somewhere in your .org file:

#+TAGS: slide(s)

then you can type C-c C-c s RET on a headline to quickly add the :slide: tag.

Source Code

Create code blocks like this:

#+begin_src clojure
  (println "Hello, world!")

With the cursor on a code block, type C-c ' (Control-C then single-quote) to edit the block in the correct mode.

Type <s and press TAB at the beginning of a line to insert a begin_src/end_src block.


The Window Resizer extension for Google Chrome can simulate various screen resolutions.