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# put n. message/events on the queue. verify they are processed in the correct order.
queueTest = (n) ->
q = new OutboundEventQueue('/events').start()
@responses = []
# put 10 events whose callback appends to @responses in the queue
for i in [1..n]
q.put i, (resp) => @responses.push resp.state
q.put "done", (resp) =>
expected = (String(i) for i in [1..n])
if _.isEqual @responses, expected
log "SUCCESS: The events were handled in the correct order"
log "FAILURE: The events were not handled in the correct order"
console.log "expected: " + expected
console.log "@responses: " + @responses
queueTest 10
# test that we can periodically update
intervalTest = () ->
q = new OutboundEventQueue('/events', 1000).start()
heartbeat = new PeriodicMessager(q, ['heartbeat', () -> debug "heartbeat returned"], 2000).start()