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Panel dictionary plasma widget for KDE4
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*******Panel-dictionary plasmoid********

Written by Alan D Moore, (me AT alandmoore D0T com)

This plasmoid is an attempt to emulate the kde3 "kdict" panel plugin, though notslavishly so.  I just wanted several things that were missing from KDE4's built-in dictionary, namely:
 - ability to configure the server
 - text box in the panel 
 - popup window with definition for easier copying/etc.

Because of unfortunate limitations to the dict data engine in KDE 4.3, I have provided alternate backends; namely, python-dictclient and dict command line client.  I highly recommend python-dictclient.  I know it's available in Ubuntu and Debian, probably your distro packages it as well.

This is my first attempt at a plasmoid, so expect bugs.  Please email me about any bugs you find.

Thanks and may God bless you!
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