Simple address book app powered by Node.js, AngularJS and MySql.
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Address Book Application

The address book application is a simple application built with Node.js, Angular and MySQL

Project installation requirements

This project requires Node.js and MySQL

Install Node.js and MySql

  1. Node.js can be found at
  2. The easiest way to set up MySql is to download MAMP (for Mac) or WAMP (for windows)

Open a terminal window

  1. In the terminal run > npm install -g nodemon
  2. Clone the address repository to ant desired location
  3. In the terminal, run > npm install
  4. In the terminal run > bower install

** Steps 5 and 6 will install all of the projects required node modules and JavaScript dependencies

Set up the database

  1. Import the addressbook_2014-11-26.sql file to set up the addressbook database and its tables

Run the Project

  1. Start your local MAMP or WAMP server... or whatever MySQL installation you decided to use
  2. Open 2 terminal windows and CD into the project directory
  3. In the first terminal window, type > nodemon server.js
  4. In the second terminal window, type > grunt to build the project
  5. Open a browser window and type > localhost:3000


  1. Once setup is complete, you can log into the project with username: test, password: test