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Table of Contents

A. Uninstall through Control Panel (for setup program installation only)

  1. Open Control Panel. Find "Realtek High Definition Audio Driver", right click and select "Uninstall"

  2. Follow Step D

B. Uninstall through Driver Setup API (Recommend for INF installation)

  1. Run cmd or Windows PowerShell as Administrator.

  2. Type the instruction shown as below picture

    .\RtlUpd64.exe –r –m –visst

  1. Wait for system to uninstall and to reboot

  2. Follow Step D

C. Uninstall through Device Manager and DriverStoreExplorer

  1. Stop "RtkAudioUniversalService" services on Task Manager

  2. Uninstall and delete all Realtek and other related thirty party software component(s) first


For Realtek software component(s),

* Realtek Audio Effects Component (INT)

* Realtek Audio Universal Service

* Realtek Audio Effects Component

* Realtek Speech Preprocessing IP DLL Component

* Realtek Hardware Keyword Spotter

For thirty party software component,
Example: Creative

* Sound Blaster Connect

* Creative Audio Effects Component
  1. Uninstall and delete Realtek Audio Device


  1. Open DriverStoreExplorer, delete Realtek and other related thirty party extension(s)


Example: Gigabyte motherboard integrated with Creative thirty party extension(s)

For Realtek extension(s),

* HDX_GigabyteExt_Creative_RTK.inf

For Creative thirty party extension(s),

* CreativeExtension.inf
  1. Run cmd as administrator, type sc delete RtkAudioUniversalService

  2. Rescan device


  1. Follow Step D

D. Uninstall Realtek Audio Console and other related thirty party UWP Apps through Windows PowerShell

  1. Save Remove-UAD-Appx.ps1 to C:\

  2. Run Windows PowerShell as administrator

  3. Enter the follow commands

    cd c:\


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