Framework to create Linked Data-based applications (formerly Linked Open Data Simple Publishing Kit)
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author: Alvaro Graves (

version: 20130612

LODSPeaKr is a framework for creating Linked Data applications in a simple and easy way. You can see several applications created using LODSPeaKr.

Simplest Installation

Simply go to your web server root directory (e.g., /var/www/) and run

bash < <(curl -sL

You will be required to answer 3 questions:

  • What is the location of lodspeakr? If you are running the script in /var/www/visualizations it is highly likely it will be http://localhost/visualizations or http://yourdomainname/visualizations
  • What is the domain of the data you want to query? For now, you can leave it as the default (i.e., press Enter)
  • What is the URL of your SPARQL endpoint? Where should Visualbox look to execute SPARQL queries.

Finally, give write permissions to the web server in lodspeakr/meta, lodspeakr/cache, lodspeakr/ and lodspeakr/components. This can be done in several ways:

  • sudo chown WEBSERVERUSER lodspeakr/meta lodspeakr/cache lodspeakr/ lodspeakr/components
    • Note You can find the name of your web server user by running ps aux|egrep "apache|httpd|www" |egrep -v "grep|root"|awk '{print $1}'|uniq
  • Alternatively you can run chdmod -R 777 lodspeakr/meta lodspeakr/cache lodspeakr/ lodspeakr/components but this is highly discouraged

More documentation on installation of LODSPeaKr is available at the LODSPeaKr wiki