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# Where is LODSPeaKr's root located? (don't include word 'lodspeakr')
$conf['basedir'] = 'http://foo/bar/'; #include final slash
# What is the namespace of your data?
$conf['ns']['local'] = 'http://foo/bar/data/';
#If you want to add/overrid a namespace, add it here
$conf['ns']['other'] = '';
#Where is your SPARQL endpoint
$conf['endpoint']['host'] = 'http://myendpoint/sparql';
$conf['home'] = '/Users/alvarograves/github/lodspeakr/'; #change to the location of LODSPeaKr in the dir tree
$conf['debug'] = false; #Ugly dump of queries and values obtained
$conf['mirror_external_uris'] = false; #TRUE is local namespace != basedir
/*ATTENTION: By default this application is available to
* be exported and copied (its configuration)
* by others. If you do not want that,
* turn the next option as false
$conf['export'] = true;
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