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What's first

Let's get to it

utils/ provides a series of functionalities that makes easier for developers to create components in LODSPeaKr. The syntax for using from the lodspeakr/ directory is:

$ utils/ function parameters

Current functions are:

  • add Add a new endpoint/namespace. It the endpoint or namespace prefix already exist, this command will overwrite it.
    • utils/ add endpoint prefix http://localhost:8890/sparql
    • utils/ add namespace ex
  • backup Creates a backup of, components and static directories in $HOME/lodspeakr_backup
    • utils/ backup
  • create uri, type or service components.
    • utils/ create uri local:myUri
    • utils/ create type foaf:Person
    • utils/ create service myService
  • delete uri, type or service component.
    • utils/ delete uri local:myUri
    • utils/ delete type foaf:Person
    • utils/ delete service myService
  • debug turns debug output (in apache logs as well as in the browser) on and off:
    • utils/ debug on
    • utils/ debug off
  • default Disables all the URI components and uses Type components only serving the rdfs:Resource model and view
    • utils/ default on
    • utils/ default off
  • disable Disables a specific module
    • Example: utils/ disable module static will remove it from the stack of modules that will be executed.
  • enable Enables a specific module and puts it in a specific position in the stack of active modules
    • Example: utils/ enable module static 2 will put the static module in the 2nd position (positions starts at 0). This module will be executed if the previous 2 modules are not.
  • list List all the components/endpoints/modules/namespaces used by this instance of LODSPeaKr
    • utils/ list components
    • utils/ list endpoints
    • utils/ list modules
    • utils/ list namespaces
  • remove Removes an existing endpoint/namespace. Be aware that endpoints/namespaces included in LODSPeaKr cannot be removed using If a namespace/endpoint was overwritten by the user, removing it will turn it into the default namespace or endpoint.
    • utils/ remove endpoint prefix
    • utils/ remove namespace ex
  • restore Restores a previoulsy existing backup form $HOME/lodspeakr_backup/
    • utils/ restore
  • update Performs an update of the LODSPeaKr engine. See Update LODSPeaKr for more information
    • utils/ update
  • version Returns the version of LODSPeaKr
    • utils/ version

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