PyBlosxom port of the Typo theme 'Scribbish', and the Wordpress theme 'ScribbishWP'.
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ScribbishPyB is an adaptation of the Scribbish( theme for PyBlosxom, authored by Christy John ( I'm inspired by Kenny Pitt ( who has already ported this for wordpress.


1. Place the ``html.flav`` directory in the ``flavourdir`` specified in your ```` file.

2. Copy the ``scribbish.css`` file to a directory that is served by your webserver.

3. Edit ``head.html`` and change the ``href`` attribute value in the line::

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/styles/scribbish.css" />

   to the url that the ``scribbish.css`` file will be served from.
4. Copy the ''background.gif'' and change the attribute value in the css file in the code::

	background: url(/images/background.gif) repeat-x left top;
	to the url that the ``background.gif`` image will be served from.
5. Don't add  <heading> tags fort blog titles in your blog post. this can create errors while validating.

NB: This is version 0.1 of ScribbishPyB. The css isn't rendering the blog as in the Scribbish or ScribbishWP packages. I'm
currently working on it and the issue will be solved in the subsequent releases. This themes is released under the 
MIT license ( as the original Scribbish package is released.
However the author find it helpful if the changes to the packages are notified to him so that he can learn more from your approach.