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A blog engine?
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Dwimmer is an experiment.

It started as a blog engine with this screencast:
but since then it is all kinds of things.

For example it is a wiki, a CMS, a planet...
or a beginnnig of either of those.

Mostly it is an experiment to write some stuff.

Some notes:

Stand alone installation:
- Install everyting
- Run database creation script that will ask for admin password

TODO: Authorization
- Groups and authorization, each site should be able to allow/disallow users to do things on their site
  but there are some global permissions so we might need to have two tables:
user - global_permission
user - site - permission

  - Super dupper - initial user belongs to this, can do anything anywhere (or maybe just admin tasks?)
  - can comment

- users
- groups (that can hold either users or other groups)
- actions (comment, edit page)

- each page has its properties
  1) a blog page normally has one editor but allows comments
  2) a wiki page normally can be edited by anyone and has no comments (though it could)
- each site can have global

TODO Weekly
- Setup, select from designs
- Admin:
  Add URL, title, date, text, tags,    warn if the URL is alrady in the database but allow it
  status: new, included, excluded
- Admin Send message
- Admin can add users without confirmation
- Admin can import CSV File?

Markup language
- Use a very simple markup language and allow any HTML.
  [linkname link title]
  [schema://specialcase link title]

- When arriving at a page that does not exist yet,
  display this info and if the user is logged in then offer the page
  to be edited/created.

- From the web site allow the creation of a site with basic usage.
  - At first only the admin can create sites but later we might allow
    regular users as well to create sites using the main site.


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