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// This is mostly an interface for the XML service to get thumbnail URLs
// without having to generate the thumb at the time that the URL is
// needed.
* plog-thumb.php interface for XML service
* Purpose: Provide a link to a thumbnail for a picture even when the thumbnail
* may not have been generated yet.
* @param int id (required)
* @param int type (default 1, any of 1,2,3,4)
if (!isset($_REQUEST["id"]) || (intval($_REQUEST["id"]) == 0)) exit;
if (!isset($_REQUEST["type"])) $_REQUEST["type"] = 1;
$query = "SELECT
FROM `plogger_pictures`
WHERE `id`=".intval($_REQUEST["id"]);
$result = run_query($query);
$thumb = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);
$thumb["type"] = intval($_REQUEST["type"]);
$path = generate_thumb($thumb["path"], $thumb["id"], $thumb["type"]);
header("Location: ".$path);