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urllib3 - Thread-safe connection pooling and re-using.
from __future__ import absolute_import
import warnings
from .connectionpool import (
from . import exceptions
from .filepost import encode_multipart_formdata
from .poolmanager import PoolManager, ProxyManager, proxy_from_url
from .response import HTTPResponse
from .util.request import make_headers
from .util.url import get_host
from .util.timeout import Timeout
from .util.retry import Retry
# Set default logging handler to avoid "No handler found" warnings.
import logging
from logging import NullHandler
__author__ = 'Andrey Petrov ('
__license__ = 'MIT'
__version__ = '1.24.1'
__all__ = (
def add_stderr_logger(level=logging.DEBUG):
Helper for quickly adding a StreamHandler to the logger. Useful for
Returns the handler after adding it.
# This method needs to be in this to get the __name__ correct
# even if urllib3 is vendored within another package.
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
handler = logging.StreamHandler()
handler.setFormatter(logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(message)s'))
logger.debug('Added a stderr logging handler to logger: %s', __name__)
return handler
# ... Clean up.
del NullHandler
# All warning filters *must* be appended unless you're really certain that they
# shouldn't be: otherwise, it's very hard for users to use most Python
# mechanisms to silence them.
# SecurityWarning's always go off by default.
warnings.simplefilter('always', exceptions.SecurityWarning, append=True)
# SubjectAltNameWarning's should go off once per host
warnings.simplefilter('default', exceptions.SubjectAltNameWarning, append=True)
# InsecurePlatformWarning's don't vary between requests, so we keep it default.
warnings.simplefilter('default', exceptions.InsecurePlatformWarning,
# SNIMissingWarnings should go off only once.
warnings.simplefilter('default', exceptions.SNIMissingWarning, append=True)
def disable_warnings(category=exceptions.HTTPWarning):
Helper for quickly disabling all urllib3 warnings.
warnings.simplefilter('ignore', category)
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