A jQuery plugin that grants the ability for duplicating HTML content. This is useful for constructing repeated form elements like a multiple file uploader.
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AddAnother jQuery Plugin

A jQuery plugin for easily creating repeating HTML elements where the user can "Add another". This is especially good for repeating form input structures like multiple file uploaders.


Author: Jeremy Lindblom <http://webdevilaz.com>

Contributor: Alan Hogan <http://alanhogan.com>

Note: This is a fork of relCopy by Andres Vidal <http://www.andresvidal.com/labs/relcopy.html>


  • limit - The number of items that can exist in the group. 0 = unlimited
  • minimum - The minimum number of items that can exist in the group. Default 1. This affects the "remove" functionality only, and does not trigger auto-add on load.
  • excludeSelector - Elements with this class will not be cloned
  • emptySelector - Elements with this class will have subelements removed
  • clearInputs - If true, then cloned input fields will have an empty value
  • animate - If true, show/hide funcion are used with animation
  • allowRemove - If true, then a remove link will be added automatically
  • removeClass - The class of the remove link as a selector. (Should not begin with a period)
  • removeSelector - If you are inserting your own remove links into the DOM, this selector lets you apply behavior to them.
  • addLinkText - The text innerHTML of the add another link, or false to prevent the link from being added (use)
  • addLinkClass - The class of the add another link. (Should not begin with a period.) (By default, add-another-x where .x appears in selector used to indicate what will be duplicated.)
  • addLinkSelector - Adds the same behavior as the link created by addLinkText/addLinkClass to the element(s), if any, specified by this string. Note this is necessary if addLinkText is false then this does not need to be a class; rather it can be any jQuery-supported selector, such as "#foo .bar:last".
  • removeLinkText - The text of the remove link
  • onFull - A callback to be executed after an item is added and the group is full
  • onNotFull - A callback to be executed after an item is added and the group is NOT full
  • onRemove - A callback to be executed after an item is removed
  • explicitBracketNumbering - Attempts to smartly set names that ended in
    [] or [0] to end in
    [0], [1], [2]… and names that ended in
    [0][foo] to
    [0][foo], [1][foo], [2][foo]…, respectively.
    This is false by default, and it can cause problems if you repeat sections server-side as well in the current implementation.
    (Don't worry, copied elements' id attributes and corresponding for attributes are appended with _1, _2, … regardless.)


In order to use AddAnother you must first include jQuery and the addAnother.jquery.js script in your page. Then create a chunk of HTML you would like to be able to replicate, and give it a class. Then add some javascript:


where "…" is the options. You can have more than one AddAnother on one page. AddAnother does not automatically add brackets to your HTML names, so you must do this yourself if you plan on using the posted data as an array. Take a look at the examples for more details.