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jQuery AutoComplete Plugin - My fork makes it behave more like native implementations in e.g. OS X and adds an option, spaceSeparatesItems, if you want space to act like tab/comma.

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Copyright 2009-2010 Drew Wilson

Version 1.4   -   Updated: Mar. 23, 2010

This Plug-In will auto-complete or auto-suggest completed search queries
for you as you type. You can add multiple selections and remove them on
the fly. It supports keybord navigation (UP + DOWN + RETURN), as well
as multiple AutoSuggest fields on the same page.

Inspied by the Autocomplete plugin by: Jšrn Zaefferer
and the Facelist plugin by: Ian Tearle (

Alan Hogan (

This AutoSuggest jQuery plug-in is dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses:
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